Related Activity

‐ The agreement document for the cooperation between International Council for Science (ICSC) and NICT was concluded in July 2011.We promote the advancement of treating scientific and technological data with the cooperation to World Data System (WDS) which is an international academic program carried out under ICSC.
According to the agreement of the international cooperation we organize the International Program Office (WDS-IPO).

- WDS National Promotion Council was established in Nov. 2011 for purpose of the promotion of the coordination among organizations in Japan. We have prevised of information and surveyed about data use and apply as a cpuncil office.

- The WDS National Symposium is held by assembling of the organizations and researchers who are interested in the principal of WDS. As an active cooperator of the symposium, we encourage the exchange information among researchers and organizations.

- WDS subcommittee was established in 2012 inside Science Council of Japan, which is contact office to the ICSC, for the purpose of discussion about activities of WDS in Japan. We contribute the subcommittee.