The NICT Science Cloud is constituted from the e-SpaceWeather (e-SW) and the OneSpaceNet (OSN). The e-SW is the Web-based Space Weather service which is provided by the OSN. The OSN is constructed as a research environment by using the cloud computing technic. The NICT Science Cloud is connected to other research organizations with high speed network then enables to research with various and a lot of computer resource at once.

The SALMON (System for Arctic Middle and upper Atmosphere Observation data Network) provides the real time data of the middle and upper atmosphere obtained by the cooperated optical and radio wave observations with University Alaska Fairbanks, also provides Japanese observation data of the upper and middle atmosphere related to the cooperation with Univ. Alaska. The system has the database of ground based observations of the lower atmosphere and ocean in Okinawa and of the urban atmosphere around Koganei, Tokyo.